Hugo Santos is a multidisciplinary artist passionate about visual poetry and magical realism currently living in Lisbon, Portugal.

With over 15 years of experience in the creative field as an art director, he blends photography and brand identity, often emphasised by eerie geometrics and minimalism.

In his photography, he draws inspiration from the early surrealist and cubist art movements, capturing symbolic fragments of reality blurred into an intangible universe. In his latest works, he explores monochrome photography as a mirror of reality, revealing a lateral world where desolation and decay are themes that he constantly revisits.

As a designer, he delves into a vivid spectrum of colours to create branding, identities, products and visual content for both print and digital media. He is also experienced in crafting several brands and products worldwide.

Check some of his latest photographs on his Instagram accounts @hugosantos_photo and @hugosantos_alter.

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