Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of contributing to the creation and launch of projects and brands for studios and advertising agencies with clients worldwide.

After being awarded a graphic design prize in his final year of studies at IADE - Creative University, he was invited to work in an advertising agency where he learned how to bring brands to life.

Fast forward to today, after 15 years of experience in the creative field as an Art Director and multifaceted Visual artist, he plunges into a vivid spectrum of colours to create brand identities, products, and visual content for both print and digital media.



AGENCY Monarqa
ROLE Art Director + Lead Designer

A brand that brings a brighter future for both consumers and the planet.

Embal approach us to launch Ecoceno, a packaging-as-a-service solution that prevents single-use waste, offering consumers a convenient way to enjoy waste-free meals, whether dining in or ordering delivery.

This identity and communication was craft to promote eco-conscious habits while simplifying the process with clear communication and a positive approach.




Crafting a local fitness brand that undergoes a transformative journey to become a global reference.

AGENCY Monarqa
ROLE Art Director + Lead Designer + Product + UX&UI

With its community-centered approach, intense HIIT sessions, and luxe industrial setting, TRIB3 offers a unique fitness experience.

We crafted a new brand identity aligned with TRIB3's values, infusing it with an energetic vibe to attract a global audience. Through comprehensive guidelines and refreshed personality, we positioned TRIB3 as a standout in the fitness industry. Our work included identity redesign and branding, digital content and UX&UI, marketing and support for global expansion.




Soporset Paper
A modern story of beauty and sophistication, where premium paper meets stunning imagery to evoke timeless elegance and inspire creativity.

CLIENT The Navigator Company
AGENCY Monarqa
ROLE Art Director + Lead Designer

We were challenged by The Navigator Company to create distinct Sample Brochures presenting their Soporset Paper brand worldwide — in Portugal, France, Italy and the USA.

Each brochure evolves into a collection of inspiring postcards, incorporating imagery from each country. At the same time, they spotlight Soporset premium paper's versatility and superior printing capabilities through samples of various weights and printing finishes.



Snowplow Analytics
Empowering a promising start-up to become the world’s leading data creation platform.

CLIENT Snowplow
AGENCY Monarqa
ROLE Art Director + Lead Designer + UX&UI

Since the beginning, Snowplow Analytics has been empowering companies to take control of their data. They know how to do it, but they need help communicating the right message to their clients.

With strategic branding and a thorough design revamp, we unified Snowplow's identity, creating a concise message and visual consistency across all channels, driving the brand's growth journey forward.




Holmes Place Xpress Classes
Introducing the fast, fun, and effective Xpress Classes, energising guided training sessions for maximum impact.

CLIENT Holmes Place
AGENCY Monarqa
ROLE Art Director + Lead Designer

Holmes Place, a pioneer in fitness and wellness, ask our help to introduce Xpress Classes and differentiate it from other group sessions by highlighting their unique benefits.

We crafted the identity of these exclusive classes, including the development of brand guidelines and the creation of impactful marketing assets for both internal and external use, print and digital media.



EDP Production
Designing a identity for EDP to engage with all involved in the hydro and thermal production and surrounding communities.

AGENCY Monarqa
ROLE Lead Designer

As the largest electricity generator in Portugal, EDP asks us to design an identity for EDP Production, which focuses on optimising operations and maintaining hydro and thermal production centres across the country.

We crafted the new brand inspired by the power plant aesthetics and the essential elements for energy production—gas, wind and water.


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